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The New Golf eHybrid - now on sale at JCB Volkswagen​

This new plug-in hybrid version of the ever popular, iconic Golf is powered by an electric motor and a TSI petrol engine.
In e-mode you can drive with zero emissions.
In normal hybrid mode, CO2 emissions are low at just 21g/km (WLTP), with fuel economy of up to 235mpg (WLTP, combined). Drivers can also benefit from up to 44 miles of pure-electric drive on a full charge, so trips to work or to the shops are possible with zero emissions. 

This Golf model starts in e-mode by default, and is powered by a 1.4-litre TSI engine combined with an 80kW electric motor. This allows for minimum consumption and impressive power output, with a six-speed DSG transmission and a 0-62mph time of 7.4 seconds.

Style Trim 

The Golf Style eHybrid receives some exclusive equipment, as well as many of the features included in the Style trim:

  • 16-inch San Antonio alloy wheels 
  • eHybrid badge on rear tailgate
  • 10A mains charging cable, mode 2, type 2/G
  • 16A AC cable for wall box/charge points, mode 3, type 2
  • Driving profile selection
  • Electronic engine sound

Innovative LED Plus headlights, Digital Cockpit Pro and Discover Media navigation system with streaming and internet are all standard in the Style.  Further additional options include Head up display, a rear view camera, alternative alloy wheels and dynamic chassis control.  A winter pack includes heated front seats and a heated steering wheel.

Clever Fuel Economy

The navigation system interacts with the drive management system when in hybrid mode.  Enter your destination and the Golf eHybrid will optimise the interaction of the engine and electric motor for the duration of your journey, making the most efficient use of both drives.  This results in optimum fuel consumption and extends the electric range to the maximum.​

Selecting S driving mode gives you the sports program for a more exhilarating ride.  Tap the selector lever again to return to the efficient D driving mode.


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Charging can be via a socket at home or a wall box. Charging via the wall box, you can fully charge the lithium-ion battery after approximately 3 and a half hours. Public charging stations offer cash-free and contact-free payment options.

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