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VW Tiguan 3rd Generation For Sale

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Emotional and dynamic in design, the 3rd generation of the new Volkswagen Tiguan has the most extensive and innovative equipment features yet.

Roomy for passengers and cargo, the New Tiguan has a whole dashboard full of technology to help you tackle all of life's journeys.

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The exterior design is powerful and has dynamic lines.  Sporty yet striking, it's an SUV that's ready for anything.  It's a Veedub to love.​

3rd generation Tiguan from Volkswagen

The interior of the New Tiguan is stylish and comfortable. The multi-function steering wheel, centre console and dashboard with optional Discover Pro Max navigation are enhanced by optional colour changing background lighting - up to 30 colours.

3rd generation Tiguan from Volkswagen

​Let's talk lights - IQ.LIGHT HD matrix lights.  With more than 19,000 individually controlled LEDs, the New Tiguan can say hello & goodbye on every journey.  Extra touches like illuminated door handles and area lighting with projected motif complement its signature light.  Night time driving is enhanced by the ability to mask out other road users and traffic signs from main beam headlights.  New Tiguan can project markings onto the roadway to help driving through narrow roadworks on the motorway and improve visibility.

3rd generation Tiguan from Volkswagen

The Driving Experience button allows you to switch from sport to comfort mode very quickly. Touch control allows background lighting, music and air conditioning to be controlled effortlessly.​

3rd generation Tiguan from Volkswagen

Digital Cockpit Pro allows you to customise what you see.  Just the speed and mileage?  Other journey data?  A route map?  Music track titles? Or any combination of these things?  You can configure your 10.2 inch Digital Cockpit Pro to your exact requirements.​

3rd generation Tiguan from Volkswagen

Optional head-up display lets you check important journey information without taking your eyes off the road ahead.  Part of the windscreen becomes a projection surface and you can switch off the display fully or partially at any time.​

3rd generation Tiguan from Volkswagen

VW Connect and VW Connect Plus provide information and a link to your car.  Connecting your New Tiguan to the internet and smartphone offers you greater convenience, information and entertainment.

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3rd generation Tiguan from Volkswagen
The New Tiguan - World Premiere Reveal