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Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Camper Van/People Carrier

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Imagine the iconic 'VeeDub' T1 re-imagined for the electric age. Then you have the Volkswagen ID. Buzz.

This concept van is now becoming a reality. With its 'smiley face', it is spacious and energy efficient, with a touch-sensitive steering wheel, moveable LED headlamps and self-driving mode. Retaining its sense of freedom and personality, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz harnesses the energy of the future to bring you a zero emission electric vehicle.

Based on the modular electric drive kit platform (MEB), which allows different battery options for different vehicle purposes and budgets. The ID. Buzz is the next generation of MPV and follows along the ID family - after the ID.3, ID.4 and now ID.5.

The ID. Buzz has been designed for maximum use of interior space and flexible seating to adapt to your needs. It uses AR head-up display technology to guide you to where you want to go. Its LED 'eyes' can indicate to other drivers and pedestrians that you are about to turn a corner for example. It can 'look' towards pedestrians or cyclists and use subtle signals to let them know you're there. The steering wheel and cockpit display are simplified to an intuitive touchpad on the steering wheel.

The ID.Buzz is rear wheel drive. It is 20cms longer than the Caddy Cargo, and 20cms shorter than the T6.1. It has a capacity of 4 cubic metres. The first version will be short wheel based.

Is it a van, a mobile living space or a creative hub? The choice is yours, but it can be all three.

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The ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo production models had their world premiere on 9th March 2022, launching an ID range van into the electric era. With its innovative variable space concept and battery options to suit different purposes and budgets, it’s easy to see why excitement is building. The ID.Buzz has just won Electric Car Of The Year 2022 at the Top Gear Awards. Read more here...

At the recent press 'first drive' event, the media commented on its comfort and refinement. The beloved classic has been reinvented for the modern world they said. Campers and 'veedubs' have an emotional connection. You usually can't get a vehicle that you both 'need' and 'want', but the ID.Buzz says you can. Suffice to say, they were impressed!

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Some images shown are still in camouflage body paint prior to launch.

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10 Fascinating Facts About The ID.Buzz We Learned At Its World Premiere On 9th March 2022

  1. Both versions of the ID. Buzz are pioneering in terms of their sustainability: their manufacture and shipping has a carbon-neutral footprint and recycled synthetic materials are used in the interior
  2. The ID. Buzz will also be used for future autonomous mobility concepts such as ride-pooling where passengers, whose start and destination points are similar, share a vehicle to use the road structure more efficiently
  3. Included as standard, where it’s available, is the ‘Car2X’ local warning system, which uses signals from other vehicles and the transport infrastructure to spot hazards in real time
  4. Travel assist with swarm data allows for partially automated driving across the entire speed range
  5. Bidirectional charging enables the ID. Buzz to feed unneeded energy from its battery into the customer's home network (vehicle-to-home)
  6. In the MPV version, there is room for five people and 1,121 litres of luggage capacity
  7. When the second row of seats is folded down, the load capacity increases to up to 2,205 litres (MPV version)
  8. The turning circle of 11.1 metres is unusually small for this size vehicle – it’s about the same as the Golf
  9. The ID. Buzz is the first MPV with the drag coefficient of a car (ID. Buzz 0.285 - 0.290)
  10. Brand ambassador Ewan McGregor revealed at the premiere that he has owned two Volkswagen Westfalia Campers and a number of Beetles, and recently had his 1954 Oval-window converted from petrol to electric

Sounds amazing!

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VW ID.Buzz
VW ID.Buzz in London
VW ID.Buzz in London

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