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Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Concept Camper Van

Imagine the iconic 'VeeDub' T1 re-imagined for the electric age. Then you have the Volkswagen ID. Buzz.

This concept van is spacious and energy efficient, with a touch-sensitive steering wheel, moveable LED headlamps and self-driving mode. Retaining its sense of freedom and personality, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz harnesses the energy of the future to bring you a zero emission electric vehicle.

Based on the modular electric drive kit platform (MEB), which allows different battery options for different vehicle purposes and budgets. The ID. Buzz is the next generation of MPV.

The ID. Buzz has plenty of interior space and flexible seating to adapt to your needs. It uses AR head-up display technology to guide you to where you want to go. Its LED 'eyes' can indicate to other drivers and pedestrians that you are about to turn a corner for example. It can 'look' towards pedestrians or cyclists and use subtle signals to let them know you're there. The steering wheel and cockpit display are simplified to an intuitive touchpad on the steering wheel.

Is it a van, a mobile living space or a creative hub? The choice is yours, but it can be all three.

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