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Volkswagen Van Finance - Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Selecting the right finance option for your new commercial vehicle can be a daunting experience, but with the assistance of our expert Volkswagen Van finance specialists you’ll be guided through the entire purchase process and we’ll happily explain anything that’s confusing. Our in-house van finance team will help you balance your budget and match you with a funding option that’s a perfect fit for you. We offer Finance Leases, Flexible Hire Purchase agreements and Personal Contract Plans to purchase our Volkswagen vans and commercial vehicles. You’ll drive away safe in the knowledge that your new Volkswagen commercial van is not only reliable and capable but also completely affordable.

Finance Lease

With a JCB Group Finance Lease you benefit from funding the purchase of your new Volkswagen van with dealership only financing providing you with lower interest rates than those available for personal financing with a minimal deposit and monthly payment plan. Your lease is approved whilst in the showroom and all paperwork is handled by the JCB finance team. We also have incentives such as special finance products to shorten the length of your finance agreement enabling you to change your car more frequently, or to defer part of the capital repayment to the end of the agreement thereby lowering your monthly payments.

Key Finance Lease benefits:

  • Access to dealership-only finance options
  • Lower interest rates
  • Paperwork handled by the JCB finance team
  • Immediate approval whilst at the showroom
  • Minimal deposit
  • Monthly payment plan

Hire Purchase

With our Hire Purchase agreement you’ll make one initial payment and then pay off the remaining balance over a specified period that’s between one and five years. At the end of the term, once all your repayments have been made – including the “option to purchase” fee – you’ll own the vehicle. For purchasing a new Volkswagen commercial vehicle with flexible finance options, it doesn’t get much easier.

Why a Hire Purchase could work for you:

  • Available on every one of our new and used Volkswagen commercial vehicles
  • A manageable minimal cash outlay
  • Ability to make a lower deposit
  • A fixed interest rate for the entire duration of your agreement
  • Flexible terms – any monthly interval between one and five years
  • Fixed repayments that make it simple to manage your budget and cashflow

Personal Contract Plan

With a Personal Contract Plan (PCP) you’ll sign up to an agreement for between 18 and 42 months. Then, once the term is up you’ll have three payment options:

1. pay the outstanding amount and own your commercial vehicle outright 2. part-exchange it for another model 3. or, return it with nothing left to pay.

The benefits you’ll enjoy with a Personal Contract Plan:

  • Available for all our new and used Volkswagen commercial vehicles
  • Fixed interest rate and repayments
  • Deposits can be as low as the cost of one monthly repayment
  • Easy to apply for and set up
  • Afford a brand new car or a higher-spec vehicle
  • A highly flexible plan that lets you defer part of your payment until the end of the plan, significantly lowering your monthly repayments
  • Shorter model replacement cycles that let you drive a new car more often
  • Plans that include additional/optional products, such as fixed-cost maintenance, within your budget
  • Reduced term of funding
  • You can defer your decision to purchase the car until the end of your agreementI

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is a purchase product suited to customers seeking long-term ownership, whilst looking to reduce their monthly repayments. Deferring an agreed amount to the end of your agreement allows you to reduce your monthly repayments. Deposits can be as little as one monthly payment.
Lease Purchase involves an initial rental, which could be as little as one rental repayment in advance, a series of rental repayments over between 12 and 48 months, then a final 'balloon' repayment.

Download information guide to lease purchase

Business Contract Hire

This is a rental agreement that allows you to drive a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle without needing to own it. Contract Hire is ideal for customers simply wanting to pay a monthly rental for the vehicle, change it on a regular fixed period and have no disposal risk. You won’t own the vehicle and therefore won’t have the worry of ownership, you just have to hand it back at the end. The main difference between business contract hire and personal contract hire is the VAT element. After an initial rental payment, you spread the cost of your rental repayments over 12 to 60 months.

Download information guide to Contract Hire

What is PCH?

Personal Contract Hire or PCH is a way of leasing a vehicle without having to own it. At the end of the agreement you can hand back the car or van, *as long as you have serviced and maintained it in line with your agreement. The main things to consider are:

  • You lease and don't own the vehicle
  • The agreement is for a fixed period of time or 'term'
  • There is a fixed monthly cost
  • If the annual mileage allowance you agreed at the start of the term is exceeded, you will have to pay an excess mileage charge
  • You can have maintained or non-maintained agreements. That is, if you do or don't want to include the service and maintenance costs
  • At the end of the term you can return the vehicle* and can start another agreement on a different one
  • You need to maintain your vehicle in good condition otherwise you may incur charges at the end of the agreement
  • Road tax is usually included in the agreement

If it is your business that needs the vehicle financed, then talk to us about Business Contract Hire.

If you are unclear about any of the van financing options we offer at JCB Group then please contact our van finance specialists who will be happy to further explain.

To find out more, contact your preferred showroom or make an enquiry.

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