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Try Before You Buy Your California Camper Van
Try Before You Buy Your California Camper Van

Dreamin' of taking to the road with the freedom to go wherever you want?

But what about the practicalities? What's driving a camper van really like?

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Are you a little unsure of whether the Volkswagen California camper is the one for you?

Maybe you're not sure of how much space it offers in reality, or how easy it is to drive - and park?

Well, why not take advantage of our 'Try Before You Buy' scheme?

You can hire a Volkswagen California from us, use it for a few days and bring it back.

We're convinced you will love it so much you'll want to buy one, but it's important that you feel happy with your new vehicle purchase.

This scheme allows you to check out all those questions and queries before you buy.

Just complete an enquiry form or call our Sales Team and we can talk about arranging this for you. During the hire period you are welcome to call us to ask more questions. Before driving away we will talk you through all you need to know, so you'll be confident driving the California through 'Try Before You Buy'.