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We Connect from Volkswagen Commercials

What is We Connect and How Do I Use We Connect?

We Connect is a technology system developed by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to link your vehicle's functionality and data with your smartphone. It allows you to access information and services and to control some functions of the vehicle. We Connect capability is installed in 90% of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, but requires a little bit of setting up to fully activate its functions.

What does We Connect Have On It?

Volkswagen's We Connect helps you make full use of the vehicle's data and technology. For example, it can help in the event of a breakdown by alerting breakdown assistance to your exact location, advise you of attempted theft and, in the case of hybrid or electric vehicles, enable remote charging for example. On the simplest level, We Connect can remind you of your next service date and contact us to book you in.

What do I need to activate We Connect?

On handover of your new vehicle, we will help you to set up We Connect. To gain the full experience you will need a We Connect account set up, a We Connect Plus licence and the We Connect App. However, some basic functions are available without the optional licence purchase.

What are some of the things We Connect can help me with?

The basic version can be personalised to the driver and can initiate eCall, which alerts the emergency services in the event of an accident or emergency situation.

Setting up a We Connect account can give access to vehicle data such as the service schedule, and functions such as remotely checking whether the vehicle lights are switched off.

Adding on We Connect Plus licence functionality, with or without navigation, streaming and internet, upgrades and in-car app opens up a whole host of options. You can have area and speed alerts sent to your phone, use up to the minute navigation, receive real-time traffic updates, control the ambient lighting, remote heating of the vehicle, use wireless app connect, remotely lock and unlock your vehicle and even use in-car apps such as Alexa with voice control. Most handy of all - 'parking position' locates your vehicle. How many times have you forgotten where you parked up?!

If you have an electric or hybrid vehicle, you can use We Connect as an enabler for hybrid and electric functionality such as remote charging

What is the future potential of We Connect?

Future plans for the We Connect app include it being used for fleet management and for people to use their vehicles as collection points for parcels!

How can I get started using We Connect?

You will need to set yourself up with a Volkswagen ID and Volkswagen ident, then download and enrol on the We Connect app – then you are ready to go. The ID and ident help protect your data securely. It's a good idea to download the We Connect app and create an account 48 hours before handover to save time on the day. Jump to more detail on this at the bottom of the page...

How much does We Connect cost?

A licence for the We Connect Basic package is provided free of charge for the life of the vehicle.

The UK basic package includes: eCall, breakdown call, vehicle status, doors and lights, automatic accident notification, vehicle health report, driving data, parking position, and service scheduling.

Other We Connect packages require licences which vary in duration and, in some cases, cost, depending on the package and base vehicle. Licences are between 1 - 3 years in duration.

The great thing about We Connect is that it's buildable - you can upgrade and add to it in order to enhance your user experience. You can even purchase extra functionality for your vehicle via the in-car shop - such as light assist, app connect or enhanced navigation.

Next Steps...

We hope this has given you a useful overview of the benefits of We Connect. If you would like to know more, or need help with set up and pairing then please call us and we would be happy to help you.

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Detailed instructions for getting started on We Connect

1. Download the We Connect app from your app store

2. Create your Volkswagen ID by creating a username, password and 's' PIN.

3. On the dashboard screen select Users and add a new user.

4. Enter your details and log in; or register for an ID, enter your details and log in.

5. To complete the process, go to settings and select 'become a primary user'.

6. Have both keys with you so that when the on-screen instructions tell you to 'accept & order', you can do so and pair both keys with the We Connect system.

You should now be ready to use We Connect and can follow any on-screen prompts as required.

Help! I need someone to talk me through this!

You can also scroll down to see a video which talks you through getting started.