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Want something very specific, designed to be 'just the job' for your trade or business?

Well Volkswagen Commercials has the answer!

Models such as the Transporter or Crafter have an impressive chassis capable of carrying a heavy payload. Using this as a firm foundation, Transporter single and double cabs for example, form the basis for a wide range of specialist applications and conversions. At the heart of each model sits a strong ladder frame chassis which enables virtually any kind of body to be mounted. You’ll also find a large selection of task-specific factory options, to make sure you have the perfect vehicle for the job.​  Maybe it's a dropside, tipper or Luton you're after - we have a range of models ready built at the factory and ready to go.  Alternatively we can build to your exact requirements - be it a minibus, refrigerated vehicle or trade-specific. 

So, whether it's something bespoke to your requirements, or a ready built factory option - our 'Engineered To Go models provide the perfect solution.

Contact us to tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you find the right match for your needs - no problem.

Engineered To Go - our range of factory built tippers, dropsides and Lutons.

Engineered For You - a bespoke build service.

Both with the Volkswagen quality you've come to expect - all covered under a comprehensive warranty.

From Price quoted includes RRP plus OTR costs and VAT.
OTR costs include delivery, registration, VAT, first registration fee and VED for the 1st year.


Engineered To Go - Ready Built Conversions Your Next Steps