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Fuel & Air Care Service

Fuel Purge And Air Con Purge For Your Car Or Van

Next time you bring in your vehicle in for service, why not give it a treat with a fuel and air care service too?

We'll carry out a petrol or diesel Fuel Purge, followed by an Air Con Purge to cleanse the system - it's like a detox spa for your car!

What's Involved?

Fuel Purge - for maximum performance and improved fuel economy

It is our policy to recommend petrol fuel purge or diesel fuel purge on every service.

It is common knowledge that the fuel injection spray pattern is critical for optimised combustion of the fuel/air mixture. Non uniform spray patterns hinder combustion and increase emissions of smoke and unburned fuel, which pollute the environment and, at the same time, reduce fuel efficiency.

During routine operation, fuel related deposits can accumulate in pintle/nozzle fuel passages and these carbonaceous deposits can affect injector timing, restrict fuel flow, cause injectors to dribble and disrupt injection spray patterns.

The dispersant chemistry of our Fuel Purge range has been specially formulated to help clean diesel or petrol injection systems (including carburettors), thus giving you maximum performance and improved fuel economy. The high performance detergent/dispersant helps maintain fuel injector cleanliness and maximum combustion efficiency. The Fuel Purge treatment will help to reduce harmful exhaust emissions that pollute the environment from your engine and is safe to use with catalytic convertors.*

Air Con Purge - removes unpleasant odours

Air Con Purge has been specially formulated to remove unpleasant odours caused by the growth of mould, fungi, mildew and other contamination.

This treatment:

  • removes unpleasant odours
  • contains a powerful antimicrobial agent
  • leaves a fresh fragrance in the vehicle
  • deodorises and prevents formation of unpleasant odours
  • has a 12 month product guarantee*

It is highly recommended that the air conditioning system in your vehicle has an Air Con Purge at regular intervals as a preventative treatment.

Contact us to book this service or mention it to your Service Advisor at your next visit.

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*MOT Emissions Pass Promise

Should your vehicle fail the MOT emissions test within 12 months of the Fuel Purge treatment, due to carbonaceous deposits in the fuel system, we will refund the MOT test fee. Please note cover excludes any mechanical/component failure (including catalytic convertors/sensors) or wear and tear items which are the cause of the failed test.

*Roadside Test Guarantee

Should your vehicle fail a roadside DVSA emissions test within 12 months of a Fuel Purge treatment, we will pay the fine.

*Air Con Purge 12 Months Guarantee

Should you experience any issues associated with bacterial growth within 12 months of an Air Con Purge treatment, we will undertake the vehicle's retreatment free of charge. This product contains a perfume.