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Electric Vehicle Servicing
Trained technicians
Our manufacturer-trained technicians are dedicated to their craft. Using leading-edge diagnostic and repair equipment at our state-of-the-art workshops, they quickly, efficiently and diligently make things better while strictly adhering to manufacturer servicing guidelines.
Latest software updates
Each EV service comes with a number of software updates. These include battery management, performance enhancements, infotainment systems upgrades, safety feature enhancements, energy efficiency improvements, charging capability updates and security updates.
Genuine parts
Our 100% genuine parts ensure optimal compatibility and performance because they adhere to manufacturer standards and vehicle integrity. They come fully warranted too – and they preserve your vehicle’s warranty.
140-point inspection
Our rigorous service inspection thoroughly checks the condition of your electrified car, ensuring optimal safety, reliability, performance and efficiency. In so doing, we identify minor issues before they become major problems that require expensive repair work. Our comprehensive inspection programme enhances resale value too while delivering motoring peace of mind.
Looking for an Upgrade Thinking of selling your old car? Why not take advantage of our free online valuation service? In no time at all, we’ll provide you with an accurate and competitive estimate of your vehicle’s worth, making it easier for you to purchase an upgraded Approved Used or brand new model.
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