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We've been awarded ISO 9001 accreditation

1st May 2024

As part of the JCB Group’s continued striving and dedication towards absolute excellence across all their processes; and a continued focus on delighting our customers; we are pleased to announce that all of our Volkswagen Passenger Car businesses, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle businesses, Škoda, SEAT & CUPRA car businesses are now ISO 9001 accredited.

To gain this accreditation at one site is no mean feat but to gain this accreditation across our 14 Volkswagen Group Sites took a significant amount of hard work and we are justly proud of our teams across our businesses for making this very special accreditation a reality.

Our strategy has always been to deliver excellence across our businesses and this accreditation reassures our new, existing and potential customers that when dealing with us they are working with an organisation that has a special Government backed accreditation.

ISO9001 accreditation