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The JCB Group Concierge Service

Used Car & Van Handovers Closer To Home

Have you heard about our JCB Group Concierge Service?

It's like having your very own magic carpet for cars & vans – seriously mind-blowing!

Imagine finding your dream vehicle, but it's miles away at a different JCB Group branch – no problem!

With our JCB Group Concierge Service, we'll bring ANY stock vehicle, right to your nearest dealership.
Yes, you read that right - ANY brand, ANY car, ANY van, delivered JUST for you!

And what's more, you'll get a VIP handover at the dealership – the real red carpet treatment!

But wait, there's more! You must be thinking, "Surely, this service costs a pretty penny?"
Guess what? It's on us! Absolutely NO EXTRA COST involved!

Sometimes the logistics of picking up a car can put you off buying too far from your local area.
Use our premium Concierge Service and get the vehicle you really want at the location that's really near.


  • I've seen a great Renault car located in Ashford, but my nearest dealership is SEAT Crawley.
    No problem, when you purchase your Renault, our Renault Sales Executive will bring the car to your nearest dealership and complete the handover and paperwork there. As long as your chosen hand over branch is within the JCB Group network, we can meet you there!
  • Will this service cost me extra money?
    No, we offer this service free of charge.
  • Will the person doing the handover be the same as the person who sold me the vehicle?
    Yes, the person you've been dealing with will be the one to bring the vehicle to your nearest dealership. You will get the same level of service wherever the handover takes place.

A Unique Benefit

This is a unique service offered across the JCB Group that you won't find anywhere else.
Just another way we go that extra mile to ensure our customers get the best service possible.

Please get in touch and give this a try! We look forward to hearing from you.

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