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Volkswagen ID7 For Sale

For a full charge of freedom

A new addition to the ID electric range

The Volkswagen ID.7 is the winner of the German Car Of The Year award 2024 in the category "Premium (<70.000 €)".

Now open for ordering.

Volkswagen's latest addition to the all electric ID range is the new ID.7.

It combines high range values, fast charging, ample space and intuitive controls and operation in a premium standard vehicle.

Range and Charge

The range is up to 384 miles, depending on battery capacity of the model. You can charge from 10% to 80% in under 30 minutes. Thanks to sophisticated battery management and the aerodynamic design of the new ID.7, the vehicle only consumes 13kWh per 100km. The potential for a grand family day out or road trip becomes a reality.

Premium Comfort

It may sound extravagant, but it's all down to driver well-being on a longer journey - the newly developed ergoPremium seats have massage programmes with side massage and pelvic stimulation to promote blood circulation, ease tension and increase of comfort and well-being on long journeys.

Panoramic Roof

The sunroof in the ID.7 can be easily controlled by hand or voice control and be adjusted to either transparent or opaque.

High Tech Infotainment & Driver Assistance

A new level of technology is brought to you by the ID.7. For example, seat cushion and back-rest can be heated independently of each other. Intelligent humidity control allows a choice of climates from hot, to dry, to cool. Augmented reality head-up display projects journey information directly onto the windscreen. Intelligent features respond to your voice commands, for example, the air vents will direct warm air towards the hands and the steering wheel will heat up when you say "Hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold". The digital assistant helps with radio, navigation and phone. Digital connectivity via your smartphone opens up a range of controllable features.

Parking assistance, Park Assist Plus, Travel Assist, predictive cruise control and cornering assistance are all there to help you drive more efficiently.

Safety In Silence

An artificially generated vehicle noise makes the almost noiseless electric drive audible for pedestrians and cyclists up to a speed of 30 km/h, when moving off and reversing. At higher speeds the road noise of the tyres is sufficiently loud so that additional acoustic signals are no longer necessary.

Premium Touches

The Volkswagen ID.7 all electric saloon has many features and subtle details that make it extra premium. The elegant fastback design is not only smart to look at but the aerodynamics assure efficient air flow with lower energy consumption and higher range. Additional features include mood lighting, premium materials in the interior and 500 litres storage in the boot.

Sounds great?

The new ID.7 Pro Match Trim

With a 77kWh battery, ID.7 Match offers 286PS and up to 384 miles of electric range, get ready to take on the road. A very, very, very long road.

Standard equipment:

  • 15-inch navigation infotainment display
  • 19" Hudson alloy wheels
  • Augmentedreality head-up display
  • Area view and rear view camera
  • Privacy glass for rear side windows and rear window
  • Easy Open & Close - sensor controlled luggage compartment opening and closing with remote unlocking
  • Metallic Paint as standard

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