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Volkswagen Golf 8 For Sale

Digitalised, Connected, and Intelligent

The eighth generation of the iconic Volkswagen Golf has game-changing alterations to its technology and connectivity.

It has also received a style update, but new and exciting features such as the digital interior, assisted driving, 'swarm' intelligence and the inclusion of a hybrid model are attracting most attention.

Digital Interior

Digitalisation has taken over pretty much all displays inside the new Golf. Instruments are digital, but also online infotainment screens, touch buttons and touch sliders are included. A 'head-up' display, projected to the windshield, can be selected to bring further information to the driver.

Let's not forget 'voice control'. The Golf 8 features 'Alexa' connectivity.

Constantly Connected

The new Golf 8 is constantly connected. Its systems not only connect to each other, but also to the world outside. The Golf incorporates 'Car2X', the first Volkswagen vehicle to have this, which allows the car to connect with its environment. For example, it can tell the driver the weather, and receive information from vehicles up to 800 metres away regarding traffic, breakdowns, hard braking and other useful information.

'Travel Assist' allows for assisted driving up to speeds of 130 mph. 'We Connect' services are also introduced, updating the Car-Net facility currently available on Volkswagen cars.

The Golf also receives IQ, light LED matrix headlights and dynamic light assist, which has only previously appeared on Touraeg and new Passat.

Choice of 8 Drivetrains, with Hybrid Driving

The Golf 8 is available in different drivetrains. That includes petrol (TSI), diesel (TDI), mild hybrid (eTSI) and plug-in hybrid drive (eHybrid) engines. All engines have reduced consumption values and emissions outputs, with power outputs ranging from 90PS to 200PS.

The new generation Golf will be the first Volkswagen available with five hybrid drive options, including a TSI engine partnered with a 48V battery. Three eTSI options are available, as well as two plug-in eHybrid options including the GTE.

The Golf 8 is the first Volkswagen to use a 48-volt mild hybrid system in conjunction with a DSG gearbox. We call this an eTSI

The diesel engines are now up to 17% more efficient than their predecessors and incorporate a new twin dosing selective catalytic reduction system with dual AdBlue

So, the new Volkswagen Golf 8 really ticks all the boxes for a fully connected, efficient passenger car.

Golf 8 Estate R is now available.

Golf Black Edition

Available to order now.

The all-new Golf Black Edition is here

The Black Edition's sleek appearance creates a lasting impression.

Pick your favourite features of the newest edition to the Golf Hatch line up:

  • 18" Bergamo black alloys
  • LED Plus Headlights
  • Illuminated light strip between the headlights
  • Rear view camera
  • Heated seats
  • Poor weather light with cornering light

plus everything from the Golf R-Line trim and more!

The Golf Black Edition

Visit us to find out more.

Golf Black Edition
Golf Black Edition
Golf Black Edition
Golf Black Edition