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Electric Vehicle Servicing

Just as we sell electric vehicles, of course we also service and maintain them.

Unlike traditionally fueled vehicles, electric vehicles don't need an oil change.  There are fewer moving parts in an electric car, and so the checks we make are slightly different from a petrol or diesel engine car.

For example:

  • Charging Cable - we check its condition and functioning
  • High-Voltage Battery - we check the charge level and functioning
  • High-Voltage Components & Cables - we check for damage and make sure of correct routing and securing of lines

We still check all the usual service items that are a legal requirement for a roadworthy car.  We check the braking system, headlights and tyre condition for example.

Our Volkswagen Technicians are trained and updated regularly on the latest service and maintenance procedures for the electric revolution in car maintenance.  You can be assured of a thorough and professional service, using only genuine Volkswagen parts.

Book your service as normal with our Service Team.  If you are not sure of the service interval, please check either with the Sales Executive at hand over or our Service Receptionists in our Service Centres.

For complete peace of mind, choose JCB Volkswagen Servicing.​

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