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Talk to your car and find out what it knows!

You Will Need:

  • A VW DataPlug
  • The VW Connect App
  • A Smartphone with Bluetooth

Your Volkswagen knows more than you think! You'll be able to talk to it and find out what it knows with the new Volkswagen Connect system. It can share lots of information with you at the touch of a button, making your driving experience a whole lot easier.

Pop in to our dealerships and pick up a DataPlug free of charge, plug it into your car’s diagnostic-port, download the App for free and off you go.

If you'd prefer us to fit it for you, just ask, it takes about 10 minutes.

Here's what you'll have access to:

  • A trips function, which records information about each journey, miles driven, average fuel consumption and a fuel monitor. This helps you keep track of your fuel costs and is great if you need to submit expenses for business mileage.
  • A Driving style monitor. This collates the car's data on acceleration, braking and speed and gives a driving efficiency score. You can collect points and receive advice on your driving style to help you have a safer, more efficient journey. You can compare your scores with other VW drivers on a leader board and collect 'trophies'!
  • A Fuel monitor - this allows you to keep track of re-fuelling and the fuel level can be checked remotely. Handy for keeping track of fuel costs.
  • Parking Spaces - how many times have you parked up, dashed off to a meeting or to meet friends, and in your haste, totally forgotten where you parked? No more hassle - the Parking Space function shows you where your vehicle is located, displaying the time you parked as well as two buttons - Route and Share - showing you how to get there and allowing you to send the vehicle location to other passengers, or as a detailed view with more information, such as when paid-parking is set to end. How fab is that!
  • Service reminders. When the car is due for service it will automatically tell you via the Connect app. You can even set us up as your preferred dealer and the car will speak to us directly. We will then call you direct to set a date.
  • Warning light detection. If a warning light comes up on the dashboard, the car sends the information to us at the dealership. We'll then call you to discuss the car's issue. The app will also explain what the warning light means.
  • Breakdown and roadside assistance: This section enables you to directly contact the 24-hour breakdown services or the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance at the touch of a button if you have a technical problem or even an accident.

Connect is compatible with any smartphone running Android 5.0 and beyond, or iOS 8.0 and beyond. It's available FREE OF CHARGE for any retail, fleet or approved used car customer as well as any current VW owner that has a model built after 2008 (except Touareg and Phaeton due to compatibility issues). Drivers can transfer the Connect DataPlug to any other compatible VW car.

Connect brings information that is already available within the car's computer to your smartphone. It gives you your very own driving assistant!

We hope this tells you all you need to know, but to find out more please watch the videos above or see

Download from AppStore or Google Play.