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Volkswagen ID.5 pure electric prototype

The All-electric ID.5 from Volkswagen


Volkswagen have revealed the first pictures of the camouflaged near production prototype of this stylish SUV coupe.

It's the first all-electric SUV coupe from Volkswagen and is based on the MEB platform.

The ID.5 combines all the qualities needed in the modern electric vehicle - sporty and elegant, spacious, intuitive in operation and fully connected. It can be updated and upgraded 'over-the-air' - changing the concept of vehicle care. This progressive electric crossover combines the strength of an SUV and the sleek silhouette of a coupe. This design reduces drag, boosts energy efficiency and therefore increases the range.

With a low centre of gravity, the ID.5 has well-balanced driving dynamics with great sports car like acceleration. The range has been calculated as up to 335 miles (or up to 308 miles on the ID.5 GTX) .*

The GTX version of the Volkswagen ID.5 has all-wheel drive for greater traction.

The ID.5 will be produced net carbon neutral. For example, the factory uses green electricity in battery cell manufacture and production. Any currently unavoidable CO2 emissions from production to delivery to the customer are offset by certified climate protection projects.

To be kept informed of the ID.5's progress into our showrooms, please complete a handraiser enquiry form and we'll keep in touch.

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*Predicted WLTP range for the ID.5 with 77 kWh net battery energy content and rear-wheel drive, or for the ID.5 GTX with 77 kWh net battery energy content with all-wheel drive. WLTP guideline values for production vehicles may differ depending on equipment.