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Happy 50th Birthday Golf!

Happy 50th Birthday Volkswagen Golf!

On 29th March 1974 the Volkswagen Golf started production in the factory at Wolfsburg, Germany. 50 years on and the iconic Golf has become the most successful Volkswagen car and the best-selling European car of all time.

Did you know that more than 37 million cars have been produced since 1974. And here's a mathematical fun fact - that means that over 2,000 people around the world have chosen to buy a new Golf every single day over the last 50 years! Now that's a popular car.

It's unique concept was to have a front-mounted, transverse engine and excellent front and rear window visibility. It was also a compact vehicle - all of which was new and exciting at the time.

The design cue for today's Golf remains the same as always - stable, likeable and to have something special. Now in its 8.5 version, the Golf remains the same iconic, beautifully crafted and reliable Volkswagen it's always been.

Test drive one today.