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How can I protect the paintwork on my car?

If you want to keep your Volkswagen as shiny and new as the day you bought it, then you should try to wash it every week. Be sure to clean away bird droppings as soon as possible before they start to corrode the outer layers of your paintwork. After washing, we recommend you polish your car with Autoglym products for a really professional shine.

JCB Volkswagen currently has a special offer on the Autoglym product range.

Buy any 3 products and we'll halve the price of the cheapest product.

Bodywork Bodywork shampoo conditioner 500ml £7.25
Extra gloss protection 325ml £10.99
Super Resin Polish 325ml
Interior Cream Glass Polish 325ml
Interior shampoo 500ml
Vinyl & Rubber Care 500ml
Wheels Instant Tyre Dressing 500ml
Custom Wheel Cleaner 500ml £8.99
Wheel Protector (aerosol) 300ml

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Offer subject to availability.  Prices correct at time of publication (09/16).​