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The ID.3 Electric Car From Volkswagen

What Car? Car Of The Year Awards 2022 - Best Small Electric Car For Long Distances

What Car? winner of 'Small Electric Car of the Year' 2021. Whatcar? described the ID.3 as “the most well-rounded small electric car you can currently buy,” with its range, handling and performance among the best in its class.

The future has arrived!

The ID.3, the first arrival from the ID. family, is a compact all-rounder that suits the everyday needs of the electric car driver.

It is the first Volkswagen on the market to be based on the newly developed Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). It is powered by a 125 kW/170PS electric motor, delivering a range of up to 340 miles and is priced similarly to today's Golf - with comparable power!

The ID.3 is a compact electric car, with a new Volkswagen design language for electric vehicles of the compact class. What is known as the Open Space Concept has been implemented for the first time in the car’s interior.

Although shorter than a Golf, the ID.3 offers the generous space of a Passat. This is made possible by the new drive concept architecture with an electric motor on the rear axle and a high-voltage battery in the vehicle floor, which enables more space and flexibility.

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A New Way Of Driving

No gear shifts mean a really smooth ride in the ID.3. It's responsive too, and most importantly - fun! Sustainable driving made real. Recharging is lightning fast. The WLTP range is up to 336 miles.

Cogs and dials are replaced by digital display and touchscreen technology. Driver assistance systems work with you to make your journey safer.

Available in 8 different trim levels, you can really make your ID.3 your own.

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ID. Volkswagen, just electric.