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Eurovans Eastbourne Goes That Extra Mile!

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Read this amazing story from our team at Eurovans Eastbourne

A couple from Wolfsburg, in Germany, had a starting issue with their Volkswagen Campervan and were turned away by another (non-JCB Group) Volkswagen garage- near to our site in Eastbourne. However, our team went above and beyond so that the couple could continue their holiday in the UK with minimal disruption.
This is just another example of how here at the JCB Group our customers come FIRST!

The Eurovans Eastbourne team managed to find a slot in their busy schedule to get the campervan on the ramp. Technician, Jason, diagnosed the issue as a faulty starter motor. Unfortunately, there were no parts available in stock or at the warehouse. Accordingly they swiftly contacted local motor factors and found an available starter motor. They then drove the customer to purchase it, and Jason promptly fitted it, along with an MPC and levels check. The customers enjoyed a delicious coffee while waiting and were back on their holiday in no time. They were extremely grateful for our efforts and the swift resolution, allowing them to resume their journey quickly. Our JCB Team continued to work and focus on their targets, but then they received a lovely postcard. Naturally, they were touched as it was heartwarming to feel the appreciation for the Eastbourne dream team and for them to be recognised. Their collective efforts led to such rewarding feedback.

Please see a photo of the team, as well as the lovely post card they received from the couple they assisted!

Eurovans Eastbourne customers first