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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Launches #DownTools Campaign For Good Mental Health

In partnership with Mental Health UK

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have put their weight behind a new initiative to help improve mental health. Working in partnership with Mental Health UK, Volkswagen Commercials is encouraging people to stop for a moment and prioritise their well-being, find their balance, do what matters and 'come back stronger' post-pandemic. Adverts will be shown across streamed and broadcast TV in partnership with ITV's backing business initiative. Celebrities Katie Piper and Ross Kemp will be supporting the mental health initiative via discussions on Heart and Radio X.

#DownTools is all about learning to stop working when work stops. Over-working can create stress, tiredness, poor mental health, poor judgement and lack of sleep at the right time. The lockdown and pandemic certainly highlighted the importance of family, friends, home and garden and the restorative effects of green spaces.

1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer mental health issues during their lifetime and the past months of furlough, lockdown and pandemic have been particularly hard.

Volkswagen Commercials see this initiative not as a marketing line, but as "a responsibility as a leading brand to make our world and our customers' lives better". "Along with Mental Health UK, we want to make sure everyone has the tools they need to live a healthy, balanced, positive life".

The JCB Group takes its staff's mental health very seriously. Staff have access to an online intranet site with a well-being centre offering advice on diet, health, money and mind. There is also a free counselling service offered to those who feel the need for a confidential chat with a professionally trained counsellor.

Access the Mental Health UK toolbox for a better work/life balance

Find out more about Volkswagen Commercials' initiative

Remember to stop and take time for you

Burnout can affect us all. Here are some top tips from Mental Health UK to help avoid things getting too much.

*Make time for yourself - Go outdoors, exercise, take up a hobby, read a book. Do what makes you happy.

*Keep active - Good physical health improves mental health.

*Look after yourself - Eat and drink well, avoid alcohol and smoking, and try to get a good night's sleep.

*Invest in your relationships - Connect with friends, family and colleagues, give them time and be present in the moments together.

*Get financial support - If money's on your mind, find support from the Mental Health & Money Advice service.

And remember, don't be afraid to ask for help. For more tips, advice or support, please visit