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FREE Pothole Damage Check For Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle

Avoid any bumps in the road this winter

Get a complimentary vehicle check*

As winter appears, so do more potholes. And they can cause a bit of bump in the road when it comes to running here, there and everywhere – risking damage to suspension, tyres, brakes and more. It’s why we are offering a complimentary vehicle check to help you stay one step ahead this winter.

While sometimes potholes are not easy to miss, our trained technicians will spot any issues and get them sorted for you.

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The Pothole Health check covers the following:

a. Wheel and wheel nut checks

b. Wipers, washer and horn checks,

c. Lights - exterior and interior checks,

d. Glass/mirror check

e. Washer fluid check

f. Transmission check,

g. Exhaust system check,

h. Belts and levels checks,

i. Engine oil check,

j. Brake fluid check,

k. Coolant - strength and level checks,

l. Steering check,

m. Front and rear suspension checks,

n. Brakes visual check (pads and discs),

o. Front and rear brake checks,

p. Battery check,

q. Seat belt check

r. Carpet and floor mat checks

s. Tyre alignment check

t. Tyres (front left, front right, rear left, rear right and spare) check

The Pothole Healthcheck excludes any work or parts identified as necessary following the Health Check.

Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.

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*Subject to the capacity and T&Cs of participating Volkswagen Van Centres.