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ŠKODA VISION iV all electric concept​

A crossover coupe that's spearheading the ŠKODA electric range of the future.

It's built on the Volkswagen group MEB platform (modular electric car platform) and boasts all-wheel drive, a luxurious and spacious interior and a range of over 300 miles.  The zero emission VISION iV is powered by 2 electric motors on the front and rear axles.  Power output is 225kW, which equates to 306PS and a top speed of about 110 mph.  Acceleration is 0-60mph in 6.0 seconds.

The exterior is both stylish and striking.  Aerodynamic 22" wheels have an innovative new design; wingmirrors have been replaced by 180 degree cameras and the VISION iV's doors are hands-free, opening automatically.

The interior will really impress.  Due to there being no traditional transmission tunnel between the front seats, there is room to integrate 2 smartphones into the infotainment system.  The conventional dashboard has been replaced by a 2-level instrument panel with a large touchscreen.

The seats are lightweight and swivel.  Their upholstery is made from a sustainable suede substitute.  The 'D' shaped two spoke steering wheel is both functional and space-age!

Charging the 83kWh liquid cooled lithium-ion battery takes just 30 minutes to reach 80% charge.  

Lasers and scanners are constantly assessing the surroundings so that driver assistance systems can drop in whenever necessary.  The car can even be driven autonomously, taking over steering on motorways and controlling overtaking and evasive manoeuvres.

This is a new concept in electric driving so far ahead of anything currently available.

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