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Which ŠKODA Vehicle Should I Buy?

At JCB EuroŠKODA, we have an extensive collection of new and used ŠKODA vehicles in a variety of models. Because we offer such a large collection, we understand just how overwhelming it can be to pick the right ŠKODA vehicle for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you select the ideal ŠKODA vehicle for you, without any need for settling for anything less than you deserve.


ŠKODA was founded in 1895, and is one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers, celebrating over 100 years of production. Today, its vehicles are sold in over 100 countries around the world. ŠKODA strives to be different - which is why they pride themselves on bringing innovation to their vehicles.

In the beginning, ŠKODA started off producing bicycles, then motorcycles - making them the first motorcycle factory in Central Europe. Six years later, ŠKODA turned their hand to automobiles and never looked back. But ŠKODA’s discoveries didn't stop there, as they continue to deliver a range of stylistically designed, innovative vehicles.

So, now that you know everything that ŠKODA has to offer, how do you decide which model to pick?

Petrol vs Diesel

One of the biggest considerations when selecting a new car is the fuel type. ŠKODA provides an extensive range of models in both diesel and petrol; however, please note that diesel fuel types will incur an additional diesel tax.

If a diesel car is what you're after, one of the top recommended ŠKODA diesel vehicles is the ŠKODA Octavia estate. Not only is it a comfortable and relaxing car to drive, it is also very reliable, with its economical 1.6-litre TDI diesel engine. It also emits less than 100g/km of CO2. This specific model has been chosen by a variety of industry professionals as an excellent performing vehicle.

Or if you're searching for a petrol car, one of the best is the new ŠKODA Karoq, loved by car lovers and industry professionals alike. With plenty of space, a clean modern design and either a 1.0-litre petrol engine or a punchy 1.5-litre petrol engine, the Karoq is the ultimate ŠKODA.

What size ŠKODA are you after?

Whether you're after a reasonably sized family car, a capable SUV or the perfect city car to get you where you need to be, ŠKODA offers an extensive collection of models, designed to suit the needs of all. For city dwellers or newer drivers searching for a compact car, the ŠKODA Citigo is perfect as a cheaper, easy to handle and fuel efficient option.

The ideal car for a family wagon is the ŠKODA Octavia or the ŠKODA Rapid, with plenty of legroom for the little ones and peace of mind where safety is concerned for the adults. But if you're someone who loves the outdoors and requires a sturdy SUV to get you around those rural roads, the ŠKODA Kodiaq is the one for you.

Are ŠKODA cars expensive?

When it comes to the reliability and practicality of ŠKODA, most models are great value for money. But, we know that the majority of our customers come to us with a budget in mind. This is why we provide an extensive selection of affordable used and new ŠKODA cars which can be purchased with a finance plan.

We have a variety of finance plans including Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Hire and Personal Contract Purchase. These options provide you with the choice to manage your payments at a monthly cost - be aware that each plan differs in what they offer and the conditions that follow, be sure to check the details of each plan. You can have a look at them here. We also offer a range of deals on both used and new Volkswagen cars, as well as offers on servicing and parts.

To find out more about the extensive range of new and used ŠKODA vehicles that we offer, make an enquiry or contact us today!