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The Škoda Enyaq Goes On A Saharan Adventure

Testing the ultimate range anxiety!


The new Škoda Enyaq 85 is facing it toughest challenge yet in a bid to prove its worth as a true 'go-anywhere' vehicle for modern-day drivers.

The challenge takes place in arguably the world's toughest terrain, the Sahara Desert!

Three groups of 5 individuals from the UK media are enduring a gruelling 320 mile trip from Ouarzazate to Mhamid in Morocco (the final village before the barren desert engulfs the horizon).

Why is the Enyaq undertaking this crazy drive?!

This epic electric adventure is a great way to tackle one of the most commonly perceived barriers to electric vehicle ownership - range anxiety. By testing the all-electric Enyaq to its limit, in probably one of the most unforgiving settings on planet Earth, it hopes to prove its worth as a dependable and versatile family car. Who says EV performance and range is a limit to day-to-day life?

The Challenging Route

From start to finish, the route from Ouarzazate to Mhamid (west central Morocco to the eastern border with Algeria), is 278 miles, which Škoda says the new Enyaq 85 can cover on a single charge.

The start point is the Noor solar power plant. This is a 510 megawatt spectacle of man-made green civil engineering, featuring a large circle of panels that reflect solar energy to a 250 metre tall tower. The Enyaqs will be picked up from here, having been charged directly from the harnessed solar energy. The groups will then drive across the desert to Mhamid, passing through stunning scenery which highlights the sheer isolation and reinforcing that electric vehicles can deal with an extreme rural landscape.

Once at Mhamid, it will be time to turn round and head back north, through the Atlas Mountains, and head to Marrakech over 2 days, on a journey set to test both the car and the driver.

If you fancy test driving the new Škoda Enyaq for yourself, you don't have to take it through the Sahara! Just contact our dealerships in Worthing and Crawley for your own test drive today.

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Škoda Enyaq at the Noor power plant