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Driving On Ice With Škoda SUVs


Watch our video to see Klaus Zellmer, Škoda's CEO, take to the wheel alongside rally driving champion Emil Lindholm.

On a fully frozen lake in northern Sweden, they try the Enyaq Coupé RS iV, the fully electric SUV. The low centre of gravity and electric motors take the challenge with ease. Pre-heating of battery gives it full power potential from the start.

They then try the Kodiaq RS SUV, with its snow drive mode, and find it copes admirably with the terrain. It can even tow a trailer weighing up to 2,500kg. It is now Škoda's best-selling AWD car. Emil describes it as 'nimble for a big car', and he's right!

Finally, Klaus' lift to the airport arrives in the form of the Fabia RS Rally2 car. Exhilirating - but 'don't try this at home'!!

If you'd like to try the Škoda range for size, then give us a call or book a test drive.

Testing Škodas on ice and snow