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The ŠKODA Spruce Scale

The ŠKODA Spruce Scale Saves The Day!

Make sure your perfect tree fits perfectly


What's the most important question you will ask yourself over the Christmas holiday? Yes! - Will my tree fit in the car? :)

While many over-ambitious buyers resort to cramming their favoured festive fir into their car – risking permanent damage to both their tree and their interior – others are forced to admit defeat and make the sad journey back from the car park to find a smaller specimen. Other outcomes also include a heated exchange between family members or the emergency purchase of a new saw.

Help is at hand! Thankfully, such Christmas calamities are set to be a thing of the past for ŠKODA drivers thanks to the launch of a new #ŠKODASpruceScale. The simple infographic allows ŠKODA owners to quickly and easily work out the ideal tree height for their car. Or, if you are particularly taken with a specific tree, the ideal ŠKODA new car to buy to accommodate it!

Using the scale, a SCALA or KAROQ owner can easily establish that a 5ft tree would be the perfect fit, while an OCTAVIA Estate or ENYAQ iV driver can happily choose a 5.5ft tree, safe in the knowledge that it will fit neatly into the back of their car. SUPERB owners, unsurprisingly, fare best thanks to load areas that can comfortably swallow a 6.5ft tree.

The #ŠKODASpruceScale means that savvy ŠKODA drivers will be able to choose their tree safe in the knowledge that they won’t need to hacksaw the trunk to get the tailgate down, or tackle the journey home with branches sticking out of the window.

Problem solved!

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