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Common Misconceptions About Electric Vehicles

Some information from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles and the Department For Transport

"No, no, no - don't want one - not ready yet - can't understand how it all works".

Is this you when someone pipes up about switching to electric vehicle driving?

It's quite usual for the 'early adopters' of any new technology to be its greatest evangelists.  Already got one, can't live without it, etc.  However, most of us like to see something proven to work and be reliable before we join in and get one for ourselves.  Switching to electric driving is a big step and many things have to be considered to support the switch.

The Government has put together this useful document to help us understand more about the questions electric driving presents.  Download this useful 8 page document which contains 19 points covering range anxiety, ease of charging, cost and reliability of infrastructure.  We hope it will help keep you informed.​

Download document

If you are thinking of going electric, please come in to our showroom​s and discuss the options with our sales experts.  You are welcome to take a test drive and ask plenty of questions!