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Be Tyre Safety Aware

A Few Things To Check For A Safer Journey

With these quick, simple checks regularly done you can keep track of your tyre wear before it becomes a problem.

How to check your car tyres are safe

Here's a simple way to remember what to check - remember 'ACT'. That is:

  • A - Air Pressure
  • C - Condition
  • T - Tread Depth

These 3 things will help you keep track of your tyre wear.

The air pressure will be listed in your car's handbook and you can pump up the tyres at your local petrol station forecourt.
Check the condition simply by having a look - see if there are cracks, lumps or objects like stones or nails embedded.
The tread depth should be visible on the outer, middle and inner edge of the tyre.

The 20p Test

A 20p coin has a border around its edge which forms part of the design. Place a 20p coin into the tread groove of the tyre. If you can see the border, then your tyre is below the legal minimum tread depth limit which is 1.6mm. Your car would fail an MOT test with tyres this worn. If the border disappears from view, then there is more than 2mm of tread left, and that's OK. Watch the video to see what we mean!

Help Is At Hand!

If you are in any doubt or find anything you are worried about, then our Service Centres can help. Our Technicians can put your vehicle on the ramp and have a close inspection. If you need new tyres, then we stock a huge range of makes from economy brands through to mid-range and premium.

The tyres are the only things touching the road, so in wet weather, snow and ice, it's particularly important that they are in a good enough condition to cope.

Call us for a free tyre safety check or to supply and fit new tyres.

The 20p test for tyre tread depth
wet wheels on road