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UK Vehicle Registration Plate Changes - Special Offer

  • New number plates only £24.95 inc VAT, fully fitted, front & rear
  • Get your number plates FREE when you book an air con & fuel purge plus vehicle health check for only £39.95 inc VAT

France? Spain? We're Travelling Again!

But What's New?

Having been unable to travel in Europe for so long during the pandemic, you may not be aware of new rules governing vehicle registration plates. Following Britain leaving the EU under 'Brexit', the old-style EU number plates are no longer relevant, especially when travelling in Europe.

What Are The New Vehicle Registration Plate Rules?

All new cars registered after 1st January 2021 will now need to display the new-style vehicle registration plates. Since 28th September 2021, older registered vehicles will need to use a UK sticker on the vehicle, in addition to the plate, when travelling in Europe if they have:

  • The European flag symbol
  • The national flag of England, Scotland or Wales
  • Letters and numbers with no flag or identifier
  • A Union Jack with a GB marker

In Spain, Cyprus or Malta, or countries outside the EU, you must display a UK sticker no matter what's on your number plate.

If you have a number plate with a Union Jack marker that includes the UK symbol, you do not need to display a separate UK sticker.

What Is The New Design?

The new design of vehicle registration plate has the union flag and the letters UK to denote the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The background of the flag can be either plain (for petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles) or green (for all-electric vehicles). 'Green' number plates can help you benefit from cheaper parking than petrol or diesel vehicles and can mean free entry to clean air zones (CAZ).

Special Offer On Fitting Of New Plates

We're offering the new style number plates, plain or green, fully fitted, front and rear for just £24.95 - bookable at any JCB Group dealership in Kent and Sussex.

Or! Get your plates FREE when you book an air con and fuel purge plus vehicle health check for just £39.95 inc VAT.

Next Steps... Book online or contact us to book. On the day of your booking, please bring a form of ID, such as a driving licence and your vehicle's V5C document.

Then drive away fully ready for your holiday trip! - #hellofreedom