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WLTP - What Does It Mean?

It sounds like a radio station or some cryptic text speak, but no!.... WLTP stands for Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure.

This is a new test to measure

  • fuel consumption
  • CO2 emissions
  • pollutant emissions

It is an international standard that is being set up to give ratings that are more relevant to real world driving conditions and reflect modern driving habits. Factors such as the weight of the car and the accessories that can be fitted to it are to be included in the assessment.

At the moment only cars, passenger carriers and light commercial vehicles are included, not larger vehicles such as vans. New models launched during 2018 will be the first ones to be included in the new testing system. However, for existing models, manufacturers will have to submit every model and every derivative of that model, with every accessory it is possible to fit, for testing and ratification. This will take a considerable amount of time, so the introduction of this standard is being phased over the next 2 years.

What does this mean for my car purchase?

Current testing results may change once tested under the new system. So that consumers are given the most accurate and up to date information on which to make an informed decision to purchase, the following will apply:

  • Current vehicles on order - As the manufacturer gets the results of the WLTP test, we will contact you, the customer, to let you know the figures
  • Orders placed after 9th April 2018 - We will cover the WLTP test with you at the point of choosing and ordering your new vehicle and help you understand the implications of this test, for example on Vehicle Excise Duty - and BIK if you are a company car driver.

What are my choices for my new car order?

If the WLTP test result comes back with higher figures than first quoted under the NEDC test you can:

  • continue with your order as planned
  • amend the order to a different model or variant
  • cancel the order

I'm not sure what to do...

If you need to ask any questions or discuss WLTP, then our staff will be happy to help you. This new test will affect retail, fleet, broker and motability customers - so please contact the relevant sales team in the relevant branch and they will be able to help you. Just get in touch by calling or messaging us via the 'Contact Us' pages of our website.

Please find below a useful Customer Factsheet that you may wish to download.

These interim arrangements are in place until 6th April 2020, when the WLTP test will be the standard by which all cars are measured.

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