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Earlier this year, we hosted at our Medway and Ashford dealerships Group Motability events bringing to you all of our brands under one roof including many models from NIL advance payment and new to the scheme including the new Citrroen C5 Aircross SUV and Berlingo XL along with many favourites on the scheme.

Our dedicated award winning Motability Specialists were on hand to answer any questions and offer advise on the best motability vehicle to suit your needs.

Local Ability and Mobility Specialists - Ability Plus displayed a number of aides including wheelchairs and scooters and promoted their services in order to make life easier.

The feedback from the event was a great success with many people saying it was "great to have a choice of brands to consider, all under one roof".

We're planning on holding more events in the future, so please click on the link below to register your interest.