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JCB Staff Relax and Chill with Yoga in the Showroom!

No, your eyes do not deceive you - you are seeing our showroom transformed into a yoga studio!

Staff at JCB Medway Volkswagen took part in a special team building and staff welfare initiative on Monday evening. Once the showroom was closed, part of it was transformed into a yoga and meditation studio, with mats, tea lights, incense & relaxing music, creating a relaxed, zen atmosphere. Anyone who is a follower of yoga will know how relaxing it can be and how it can help dissolve the tensions and stresses of the day, promoting a calm mind and supple body.

The session was set up as part of an initiative to help staff deal with a stressful workload and allow some calm in the day. It also served as a great way of team building and taking time to appreciate fellow team members. The facilitator, Hannah, made all staff feel at ease as many of them were nervous, not having done this type of thing before. Staff discussed stress and its affect on the mind and body, then learned how yoga and mindfulness can help overcome it.

Results appear to be amazing - yes, those guys do have both feet off the floor!

Here's what some staff attendees thought:

  • ‘had a great night & would really recommend it to anyone that is thinking about it. Hannah was very friendly and made everyone feel welcome’.
  • ‘Really loved this, really beneficial in so many ways, a great team building exercise with other members of staff, I felt comfortable & relaxed, thank you JCB!’
  • “What a wonderful idea, really enjoyed the well being class, the teacher Hannah was brilliant I didn’t feel self conscious at all.”
  • “ Absolutely loved the well being class, I didn’t know what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed it, ache a bit today but that’s a good thing it means I achieved something. Hannah the teacher was awesome pure body and ability envy right there. Thanks for organising it JCB”
  • ‘Yoga was absolutely amazing today, feeling on a bit of high! Thank you Hannah & JCB Medway !!’

After the class, staff were treated to a healthy cup of green tea and were able to ask more details of yoga from Hannah. Hannah is a great Volkswagen fan herself, driving a Beetle convertible!

See more detail of Hannah's yoga classes here: