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Continuous Training, Updates & Professional Excellence To Give Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction


The JCB Group prides itself on giving the best in customer care and offering the best value products and services to our customers.

Our staff are recruited because they naturally demonstrate the desire to be the best they can be, supported by the JCB Group management team and our brand representatives.

How does this statement actually work in practice? Here's an extract from the Managing Director's weekly update of what's going on across the Group:

"Last week was a terrific week for demonstrating the continued excellence and professionalism that is widespread across our group . We passed 2 major audits in a single day at Crawley Snow Hill and Renault and Dacia Medway . Both of these audits were full audits and are very comprehensive and time consuming, a massive shout out to everyone at these 2 sites for such a strong performance.

In addition , Worthing passed its warranty audit and with one of the best results I’ve seen for many years , a 0.18% error rate , almost perfect . Well done to our aftersales team at Worthing .

We also had plenty of staff pass sales and aftersales accreditations last week......these enhance knowledge and personal development and make us all a stronger and more knowledgeable team .

We had 7 technicians attend the battery competency courses last week as we fast track BCC into our workshops at Gillingham, Ashford, and Crawley. Thank you to everyone above for their continued commitment to their training and development."

And that's just in one week! With over 350 employees in the JCB Group it's quite a task to make sure everyone has access to up-to-the-minute technical, customer service and product knowledge training. We constantly check our procedures to make sure every process complies with our brand manufacturer standards. With our brand partners we strive to keep right up to date with the very latest information and support our staff to develop their skills and knowledge to bring you the best customer experience in the business! We hope we succeed.

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