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The Great JCB Bake Off is back with wonderful prizes and a trophy!

Our staff get their whisks out and aprons on to compete in our charity event.

The Great JCB Bake Off is back again on Friday 26th November 2021.

After such a challenging year, it’s time to get back to fun events again and this time we have £450 of prize money and a proper trophy for display in the winning baker’s showroom or service centre.

This year the theme of the showstopper creation will be ‘My Covid Lockdown’ and the charity we are supporting is The Captain Tom Foundation -

Scroll down to see today's entries. The winner and runners up will be announced on Tuesday!

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Drum roll please......... Ta'dah!!!

We have a winner!

Our Managing Director has chosen Antonia Murrell's showstopper creation as the worthy 1st prize winner. Antonia works at JCB Medway Volkswagen and so the Bake Off Trophy and £250 will be winging its way to her very soon. Congratulations Antonia, a brilliant cake!

2nd Prize goes to Jemima Spencer, who wins £150 and 3rd Prize, of £75, goes to Ian Mansbridge.

Runners up all receive £25 Amazon vouchers. Thank you to Jonathan, our MD, for judging and donating the prizes, great fun.

There's still time to donate to our Captain Tom Foundation JustGiving page. You have until 5pm on Friday 3rd December and whatever amount is on screen by then, our Managing Director will match!  (A donation was made to the charity).  

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The Great JCB Bake Off 2021
The Great JCB Bake Off 2021
The Great JCB Bake Off 2021

1st Antonia Murrell

Many memories of lockdown - the virus, the NHS, the masks, the home schooling, hand gel, waiting lists for driving tests, exams cancelled and of course, the toilet rolls!

2nd Jemima Spencer

The inspiration for my cake ‘rolls’ from the start of lockdown when we were all desperately bulk buying toilet rolls. I like to think the loo roll is symbolic of a rather ‘sh***y’ year that we all endured but learnt a lot from. My cupcakes round the cake are symbols of the key moments during our lockdown. Banana bread baking, fitness classes from laptops, a zoom icon which represents all the quizzes families endured.  Clapping for the NHS and Netflix series’ such as Tiger King which we all became obsessed with as it fitted in with the obscurity and the uncertainty we were facing with covid. The politicians on my cupcakes are the key politicians that we were faced with every evening at 5pm for the announcements. I think we were all excited to stop seeing them in the end, after that period of lockdown. All the elements I have included highlight a time in our countries history we will never forget but will always remember.

3rd Ian Mansbridge

My covid lockdown project - creating pallet wood flower planters

The Great JCB Bake Off 2021
The Great JCB Bake Off 2021
The Great JCB Bake Off 2021
JCB Bake Off Competition 2021

Steve Bourne

During lock down I learned to bake so this is a creation of a mix of different things I have done in the last year

Nicola Watkin

This is a lemon cake with lemon buttercream toilet roll

Laura Freeman

My creation is called "Learning the art of zoom calls". How many times did I forget I was on 'mute'!

Donna Palmer

I turned into a dinosaur!

Challenging Times

It's been a challenging year for all staff at the JCB Group. Many on furlough, many working hard to keep the business going, many transferred to different jobs to keep things afloat. With the restrictions on social distancing and workplace safety, staff have been unable to mix and socialise as much as they normally would. Now it's time for some light-hearted fun!

Whisks At The Ready!

Staff are asked to bake their showstopper creation at home and send a picture in to our marketing team by midday on the 26th November. They can then take their bakes in to their branch to enjoy with colleagues and customers if they wish. All pictures are then anonymised and sent to the Managing Director and Owner of the company, Jonathan Bischoff. Jonathan has promised to pick a winner, second and third prize from all the entries across our 28 sites in Kent, Sussex and Essex.

The prizes up for grabs this year are:

1st Prize = £250 plus the Great JCB Bake Off Challenge Trophy (to display in the branch or service centre)

2nd Prize = £150

3rd Prize = £50

It's all good fun and previous years have seen some really professional entries from our staff.

Jonathan will announce the winners after the weekend on Tuesday 30th November.

Charity Donations

Staff make a donation to charity to enter and to 'buy' cakes on the day, and this year we have appropriately chosen The Captain Tom Foundation, which has worked so hard to support NHS workers and mental health organisations throughout and beyond lockdown. With Captain Tom's inspirational attitude and his call to the nation that "Tomorrow will be a good day" we felt he symbolised our hopes for the future.

Find out more about the charity we are supporting here and maybe make a donation too at:

Our Managing Director, Jonathan Bischoff, has agreed to match the donations received on this link by Monday 29th November! ( A donation was made to the charity).

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So, wooden spoons at the ready JCB...on your marks, get set …… BAKE!

We will be posting this event on our group social media platforms. You can link to them at the top of this page.

The JCB Group bear in the Bake Off Trophy