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Alpine showroom opening soon

The JCB Group Opens The UK's Only Stand-Alone Alpine Showroom


We are delighted to announce the exclusive news that our JCB Renault Canterbury showroom will house the UK's only stand-alone Alpine car retail outlet. This exciting development for the JCB Group of companies heralds a new venture for the now 13 brand portfolio of our motor dealership group.

This exclusive and prestige brand describes its A110 sports car as "built for the track but approved for the road". This gives you some idea of the ethos of the marque - born of the BWT Alpine F1 team.

Our owner and Managing Director, Jonathan Bischoff, is well-known throughout the local motor industry for his love of fine cars (and the faster the better!) - we guess this is his ultimate dream to represent such a sleek and exciting brand within the JCB Group.

This is not a volume brand by any means, we do not expect to sell hundreds of units, in fact, there aren't that many available! For example, the latest addition to the Alpine model range is the exclusive edition A110 R Fernando Alonso. There are just 32 units built to represent the driver's 32 wins in Formula 1 over the course of his career. It combines Alpine's F1 expertise, the know-how of the legendary driver, and Alpine’s precision and agility. On this ultimate version, Fernando himself fine tuned the suspension system, covered by an exclusive patent, to deliver the same intense thrills the driver experiences on the track. Fernando Alonso also had a hand in designing both the exterior and interior, making this special edition A110 R one elegant, unique and radical sports car.

So, when can we expect to experience this for ourselves?

There will be an A110 demonstrator available from early July 2023 at JCB Renault Canterbury's showroom at Vauxhall Industrial Road.

The official showroom launch will take place in August.

Meanwhile, if you would like to register your interest in this exciting and innovative brand, please complete our handraiser form below.

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