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KIA Warning Lights Explained with JCB Group

Through generations of car models, our vehicles have become increasingly complex. To obtain reliability and efficiency, on-board computers and sensors are used to maintain and monitor vehicle systems.
With such complexity, comes complications and failures. These issues are displayed to the driver via dashboard lights and symbols. Audible sounds may also be used on occasion
Kia dashboard warning lights are a combination of universal recognised symbols and symbols unique to Kia. The colour of the light will typically signify the importance or severity of the issue. Green and blue lights inform the driver that a system is active, such as full beam headlights (blue) or that cruise control is active (green) for example.
Attention should be paid to orange / amber and in particular red symbols. An amber symbol will signify that something requires attention soon, such as a non-urgent issue on the vehicle or an engine service. Red is used to signify something more urgent such as low oil levels or engine temperatures running hot. Flashing lights accompanied by an audible sound signify immediate attention where potential harm to vehicle or driver / passengers may ensue.

This PDF contains details Kia dashboard warning lights and symbols with pictures, an explanation of the symbol along with the appropriate action that should be taken

Kia Warning Lights

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