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Kia's Smart Features and Walkaround Videos

On this page we highlight some of the jolly clever features that Kia has incorporated into its model range.

Take a look...​

Kia Remote Smart Park Assist

Stuck in a tight parking space? Need to squeeze in? That's not a problem for the Kia Remote Smart Park Assist.

Kia Vehicle To Device Charging

If you're out and about in your Kia and you need to charge your laptop, or tablet, or mobile, or maybe you want to play a movie and you've run out of charge - your Kia can help. And no, it won't drain the car's battery completely - that's clever eh?!

Kia Public Charging

How do you charge your Kia at a Public Charging Station? How does it interact with your infotainment and smartphone? Here are the answers to these questions!

Kia Home Charging

How do you charge your Kia electric vehicle at home? How does it interact with your smartphone? Can you programme it remotely? Find out the answer to these and other home charging questions in our video.

Kia Connect

You may have a Kia that is compatible with Kia Connect. It's a function that allows your smartphone to interact with you and your Kia car. You can programme functions remotely and get lots of information and vehicle data straight to your finger tips. Find out more in this video.