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Kia sanitisation

Cabin Air Filter and In Car Sanitisation Procedures From £35

Bacteria, pollen and fungi enter your vehicle through the cabin ventilation and air conditioning system. Once inside the cabin, they can cause problems ranging from disagreeable to dangerous, for drivers and passengers. These include:

- Unpleasant odours
- Allergies including hay fever
- Asthma

Your cabin air filter needs replacing as, over time, the filter will become less effective as it becomes clogged by filtered particles. This reduces the air flow through the cabin vents and allows dust and allergens to circulate.

Keep your Kia clean and safe with these options:


- Disinfectant spray
- Anti-Bacterial/Fungal Air freshener

£35 incl. VAT


- Disinfectant spray
- Anti-Bacterial/Fungal Air freshener
- Cabin Filter Replacement

£55 incl. VAT

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