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Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Myth Busters

Below are some of the common myths associated with ownership. We hope they'll answer some of your questions and make you smile.

Myth 1 - You’ll run out of charge if you need to drive more than 100 miles

New electric cars that are unable to travel further than 100 miles are few and far between these days. Increasingly, many models have a driving range of between 250 miles and 300 miles for premium EVs, and between 150 and 200 miles for more affordable models. And remember, whenever you’re out and about and need to top up with charge, you car’s navigation will direct you to the nearest suitable charging station

Myth 2 - Electric vehicles are more expensive to buy than petrol/diesel cars

Electric vehicles in many instances are eligible for a government plug in car grants with the added bonus of being eligible for offers from the manufacturer.

Myth 3 - Charging an electric car is too slow and takes too long

The time it takes to charge an electric car depends on the performance of the charging unit and capacity of a car’s battery. So if you were to use a 7kW wallcharger at home (drivers can apply for a grant toward its installation), for the VW e-Golf, it would take just over five hours to fully charge. Most drivers will do this at night, while sleeping –which means that you don’t have to stop at the petrol station on the way home from work.

However, plug the electric Golf into a rapid charger at a motorway services and within 30 minutes the battery will be 80% charged (from empty) whilst you have a coffee and stretch your legs.

Myth 4 - You can't take the car through a car wash

Of course you can! Electric cars must conform to the same safety standards as combustion cars, so of course you can drive them through a car wash meaning there’s no excuse to drive around in a dirty car.

Myth 5 - The battery will die in a few years

The majority of car makers guarantee the performance of an electric car’s battery for at least eight years. As people generally own a car for three years, those buying a new or approved-used electric car should have complete peace of mind.