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Types of Electric & Hybrid Charging

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is an important consideration of EV ownership. With power rating, connector type, cabling requirements and vehicle specification to consider, Zap-Map has created a series of step-by-step guides that cover the key issues related to EV charging.

There are generally 4 levels of charge, measured in kilowatts:

Slow (up to 3kW);
Fast (7 - 22 kW);
Rapid (25 - 99 kW) and
Ultra-Rapid (100 - 350 kW).

The faster the charger, usually the more expensive. Slow charging takes about 5 hours, whilst rapid charging can take as little as 25 minutes. Ultra-rapid charging is not needed by hybrid cars as their batteries are smaller than fully electric vehicles.

Rapid chargers

Will charge the majority of EVs to 80% in around 30-60 minutes (depending on battery capacity). These are available in one of two types – AC or DC [Alternating or Direct Current]. Current Rapid AC chargers are rated at 43 kW, while most Rapid DC units are at least 50 kW

Fast chargers

Will typically fully charge an EV in 3-4 hours. Connectors are a tethered Type 1 or a Type 2 socket (via a connector cable supplied with the vehicle).

Slow units

Usually take between 6 and 12 hours for a pure-EV, or 2-4 hours for a PHEV and are best used for overnight charging. EVs charge on slow devices using a cable which connects the vehicle to a 3-pin or Type 2 socket.

Ultra-Rapid DC

These chargers provide power at 100 kW or more. These are typically either 100 kW, 150 kW, or 350 kW – though other maximum speeds between these figures are possible. These are the next-generation of rapid charge point, able to keep recharging times down despite battery capacities increasing in newer EVs.

In electric vehicles capable of accepting 100 kW or more, charging times are kept down to 20-40 minutes for a typical charge, even for models with a large battery capacity. Even if an EV is only able to accept a maximum of 50 kW DC, they can still use ultra-rapid charge points, as the power will be restricted to whatever the vehicle can deal with. As with 50 kW rapid devices, cables are tethered to the unit, and provide charging via either CCS or CHAdeMO connectors.

Your brand dealer will be able to advise you on the charging methods and times of your chosen electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

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