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Where Can I Charge Up My Electric Vehicle?

In more places than you probably thought!

Those of you who have been contemplating the purchase of a new electric vehicle, but have been put off by the perceived lack of public charging points - think again! You may be surprised to know that, according to data from charging firm 'Zap-Map', the number of public electric vehicle charging locations has outnumbered petrol stations this week.

There are now 13,688 public charging devices located across 8,456 locations in the UK, as opposed to 8,400 petrol stations. This sees a trend towards fewer petrol stations and more electric chargers. In the year 2000 there were more than 13,100 petrol station sites and in 2011 only around 1,500 public chargers. Influencing factors have been the development of infrastructure, technological advances in automotive design and government policy changes.

Both public and private sector companies are investing more in electric vehicle charging points to make sure the growing EV market in the UK can be supported. For example, Tesco supermarkets and Volkswagen cars have joined forces to install charging bays at 600 stores by 2020.

The United Kingdom's EV market grew by 19% last year, meaning one EV was registered every 9 minutes!
74% of the nearly 60,000 EVs registered last year were plug-in hybrids and 26% were fully electric models. The UK's total EV stock is now around 196,300 vehicles. (See our jargon buster at the foot of this page to learn more about this.)

Several of our manufacturer brands have laid out their electric vehicle strategies for the next few years, with new electric models dominating the new car and van ranges.

kia electric range

Manufacturers are eager to introduce the electric concept, but also with a view to maintaining and indeed improving upon the driver experience. We have become used to comfortable, efficient rides, with stylish bodywork and interiors and full connectivity inside. This is not compromised in the new generation of EVs. In fact, infotainment and driver assistance/safety systems are reaching new heights.

The two main barriers to drivers perceiving EVs as a viable option have been vehicle range and availability of charging points. This now seems to be being addressed. With manufacturers increasing the range of their EVs and with the number of on-street, destination and public rapid-charge hubs increasing, it is expected that there will be 1,000,000 EVs on the road in the UK by 2022.

Keep checking our Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Hub for the latest news on the electric revolution at the JCB Group!​


Electric Vehicle Jargon Buster
EVElectric Vehicle
BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
PHEVPlug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
PIVPlug in Vehicle
ULEVUltra Low Emission Vehicle (less than 75g/km CO2)
FCEVFuel Cell Electric Vehicle
Level 1 Charging ACCharging using a 'cord set' at home
Level 2 Charging Faster charging point