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The Making Of The JCB Group Company Video

Share the Behind-the-Scenes story of the filming of our new company video

August & September 2023

21/08/23: It's Monday morning at JCB Group's branches in Ashford and there's a buzz of excitement as we continue filming our new company video.

As company videos go, they are quite often about the products sold and are very 'corporate' and formal, using professional actors posing as the company's staff. Not so for the JCB Group!

We wanted our company video to reflect the true character of our business, focussing not so much on the products we sell, but on the staff who sell them. You can buy a quality car or van at many places, but as the old adage says 'people buy from people'. To add authenticity to the filming, our staff agreed to take part themselves, in our own showrooms, service centres and workshops. We hope viewers will get a real feel of the company's values.

We are keen to put across the friendly team atmosphere that greets you when you walk into one of our showrooms. And, as we are a family-owned and run business,- (the MD and owner set up the company himself in 1998 and is an enthusiastic and very involved leader of the business) - we hope the family ethos comes through when you visit.

As we are expanding the number of marques we represent and the scope of the services we offer, it's time for a new company video!

How to get all that across in about 3 minutes of video?........ well, that's not quite so easy!

Update November 2023 - And now here is the finished product ...

Getting the giggles at Honda Ashford

Our graphic designer and video editor is Hayley Creasey, whose business is based in Tonbridge, Kent. Our videographer is Mark Bass, who creates video films for weddings, corporate events, companies and launches, also based in Kent. Their details are below...

Hayley during filming
Videographer filming at the JCB Group

Hayley Creasey 
Hays Den Design & Marketing

Mark Bass
Bass Film Company