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Our 5 Must Buy Gifts for Petrol Heads this Christmas

Our years of experience in the motor industry has taught us a lot about car enthusiasts; mainly, that they are tricky to buy gifts for – especially car related gifts.

We’ve found that the key to success is getting into the mind of car nuts all around the world, and tuning in to all of the things that they wish they owned. Alternatively, you could use this guide, created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts.

1. Scalextric

Many of us have fond memories of spending hours on rainy Sunday mornings, racing various members of the family around a carefully constructed track; navigating household pets, Christmas trees and coffee tables. These tracks make fantastic gifts, and are always great fun no matter how old you are. Have a look at some of these starter tracks from Amazon for some inspiration.

2. Matching toy car

For many petrol heads, their car is their pride and joy. If you’ve got a car lover in your life, you’ve probably experienced them looking for a way to steer a conversation towards their own prized automobile. So just this once, embrace their passion and get them something that they will really appreciate. Getting them a matching replica toy car of their own is the pinnacle in the relationship between a person and their car; it makes the pair complete, and it looks fantastic stuck on the dashboard.

If you’re looking for die-cast models of some our our top selling cars, The JCB Group may be able to help. Get in touch with us directly to find out if we sell replica models of the car you have in mind.

3. Car air compressor & tyreweld

These useful little gadgets are fantastic for getting you out of trouble in a sticky situation. Punctures happen to the best of us, and these tools can just sit in a small corner of the car not taking up too much room – ready and waiting to save your skin. They minimise some of the danger and stress of getting a puncture, especially when you are in a hurry.

4. Window tinting

Everyone loves their privacy, and for the rather more generous gift giver, offering to pay for window tinting would be a fantastic present. Window tinting has a number of benefits, but mainly it is thought to improve the look of many cars and prevents people being able to see what you are storing inside. It is worth bearing in mind that the bigger the car, the more windows the car has, and therefore the price of tinting will go up. Also make sure you use a reputable, and legal, tinting provider – and that the level of tint is within the legal allowances – designed to keep people safe.

5. Experience day

There are such a range of different events available to buy for people that love to get behind the wheel. Options range from a ride along in a professional drift car, an off-road driving course or the opportunity to drive the latest supercars. The opportunities are endless! One thing’s for sure, petrolheads will be seriously impressed.

6. Branded merch

(Wait a minute, didn't we say top 5?! - oh well....) If you’ve got a car that you love, whether it’s a classic VW or a sporty little SEAT, then the chances are that you’re a fan of everything that goes with it. Well, in that case, investing in some branded merch for the petrolhead in your life can be a surefire way to get them excited. The JCB Group stock a range of branded accessories from some of our top marques, including SEAT and Volkswagen, so whether you’re thinking practical, like a boot liner for a pet owner, or fun, like a mini ride-on car to get the kids involved, we can help.