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Most popular car colour in the UK

2.6 million brand-new cars made it onto Britain’s roads in 2015, and one colour reigned supreme, with more than 500,000 of them. But which was it? Before we reveal all, here’s a countdown of the top 10!


In 10th place is the colour mauve. Surprisingly, mauve cars are most popular in the West Midlands and the Channel Islands, and although not a familiar sight on the road, there were 12,414 registered in 2015.


The future’s bright, the future’s orange… A colour you can hardly miss, orange cars saw a 25.7% increase, with 17,773 on the road in 2015!


Although brown cars saw a rise in demand in recent years, last year saw their popularity fall down by 23.3% in comparison to 2014.


Next up is the colour green! Set to make other road users green with envy, green car sales increased by 31.2% with 28,250 driving about for the first time in a while.


Once the champion colour of choice for nearly 8 years, only 295,429 silver cars glistened on the road in 2015, and experienced a slight decrease of 5.2%.


Red is racing towards the top spot with 318,897 registered in 2015, beating silver for the first time since 2000!


Once a popular choice towards the end of the 1990s, blue has risen high again once more. For the third year running, the car colour blue is steadily growing, with a 15.5% increase on last year bringing the total up to 386,432.


Taking over its silver sister, grey is an extremely favoured neutral shade with a 21.1% boost from last year, with 411,717 grey cars registered.


Black is back! A favourite in the South East, falling just behind the UK’s most popular car colour, there were 509,677 black cars cruising around last year.


The colour white dominated the car colour charts for the third year running. 564,393 white cars were registered, taking a 21.4% market share! The most popular three white cars are the Ford Focus (14,103 registered), VW Polo (13,701) and the Fiat 500 (12,871).

The white trend is attributed to a variety of things, including white being a primarily free colour on most car models and the “Apple effect”, with a demand for minimalistic and smooth designs.

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