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How Much Is Your Car Worth?


That's the question on everyone's lips at the moment. Following the numerous problems at the end of 2021 with supply chain, vehicle production, semi-conductor chip shortages and the covid pandemic, trying to work out what to do for the best is a nightmare!

With so much in the media at present (did you watch the recent 'Tonight' show on ITV? : watch now) discussing high demand for cars, high prices for used vehicles, a global shortage of vehicles and slowed down production, we wanted to reassure our customers and offer a little advice.

What Is Current Supply Like For New Cars?

Takeaway Tip - Don't delay on placing your order, you'll be further down the queue!​

Modern cars rely on microchips to control things like safety features, stability of the vehicle, central locking systems, infotainment, and simple things such as headlamp illumination and windscreen wipers. The shortage of the semi-conductor chips is definitely affecting production schedules. The JCB Group are constantly in touch with the brands we represent, as a minimum daily and usually more frequently. Our brands keep us up-to-date with supply of all models and derivatives, so we have a very good picture of current supply and projections over the coming months. Our advice would be, if you have your heart set on a particular new car, don't delay on placing your order. The longer you wait to buy a factory ordered new car, the further down the queue you will be. Don't forget that we do have a good supply of vehicles on our forecourts, so do take a look and we may be able to help you find something that is in stock and matches your expectations.

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How Much Is My Current Car Worth?​

Takeaway Tip - Used car prices are better than ever, PX now to get the best deal

It's true that the used car market is particularly buoyant at the moment.  Prices fetched for used cars are high and supply is limited, so cars are selling quickly.  There are a host of used car sites both on the ground and online that have sprung up to meet the needs of the buying public and those who want to sell their current car.  Our advice is to be cautious!  Selling your car online through a non-franchised dealer may be risky.  Do your research before proceeding.  If you're looking to part-exchange your current car, now is a good time for a good deal.  Get an idea of how much your car or van could be worth with our online valuation tool.  Often customers find that they get more than this when they bring their vehicle in for onsite appraisal.

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I Want To Buy A Used Car - What Should I Look Out For?

Takeaway Tip - view it, drive it, reserve it online securely with a franchised dealer

With demand so high, there are potentially a lot of scams out there. Our advice is to buy through a reputable company or franchised dealer. View the car, drive it and be sure that you are happy with its service history and 'back story'. Be very sure of who you are buying from when you hand over or transfer money online. Our advice? The JCB Group can offer you peace of mind so that you can buy with confidence.

How and why? Well, here are a few things to reassure you when buying from the JCB Group:

  • You can see our inventory of used cars in stock online, with images and videos of the vehicles, full spec details and then reserve online. Online reservation secures that vehicle for you. Our online payments are secure, via a reputable e-commerce site.
  • Test drives are available on all our vehicles and our staff have all the details to hand to give you a full picture of the history of the vehicle.
  • All our used vehicles undergo extensive workshop checks by qualified technicians before being offered for sale. Any faults found are fixed using genuine parts and the vehicles are fully valeted.
  • Vehicle history and mileage checks are carried out, as are service history and warranty status checks.
  • We offer refunds and exchanges (usually within 30 days/1,000 miles) if the vehicle doesn't suit.
  • We offer warranties, roadside assistance, MOT cover, servicing packages and drive away insurance on all our used cars and vans.
  • Finance is available on all vehicles, subject to status and the usual terms and conditions, often with deposit contributions.

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I'm Not Ready To Buy Yet - Any Advice?

Takeaway Tip - properly maintain your vehicle using manufacturer approved aftersales businesses and keep checking stock

You may still be nervous in the current topsy-turvy economic climate. That's understandable. If you are not yet ready to buy a new or used car, then here are a couple of ideas:

*Keep your current vehicle properly maintained using manufacturer approved aftersales businesses. Keep the service schedule going, get a timely MOT, repair any dents and dings and replace tyres when needed. Keep yourself safe. If you're not due a service, book in for one of our seasonal checks and we'll give your car a once over to see that it's OK.

*Have you considered renting or leasing a car until you are ready to buy? We offer short term rental or longer term contract hire or leasing if ownership doesn't suit at present.

*Keep checking and keep in touch with us as to vehicle stock. Our website advertises any special deals we have, for example we sometimes have packs of one particular model arriving from the factory at a reduced price due to us buying in bulk.

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Use our experience

Wherever you are in your car buying journey, do keep in touch with us! The stock situation is changing daily and if you are after something specific, then let our staff know and we can contact you with the latest news.

Together, our staff have 2,157 years of service in the motor industry between them - that's a lot of experience!!
We're here to help, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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