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Insuring Your First Car - Some Things To Consider

The excitement of passing your test and getting your very first car is amazing. Then you look into car insurance, and the bubble bursts :(

Car insurance for young people or new drivers can often be more than the price of the car, which is a real damper on enthusiasm. However, here are some tips to make sure you get the right cover and the best value you can when you choose your insurance.

First off, please don't drive without insurance - it is illegal.

Your insurance premium (the amount you pay each year) is based on the following factors:

  • The value of your car
  • How you drive
  • Your number of years' driving experience
  • Its usage - (social or work)
  • The mileage you expect to drive in the year
  • Where you park most frequently - (roadside or garage)
  • Any modifications to the original spec - (like body kits or alloy wheels)
  • The excess - that is, the amount you pay towards any claim you make

You may be able to lower the premium by considering the following:

  • Becoming a 'named driver' on someone else's policy, eg. parent or older sibling
  • Joining in with a multi-car quote, for example if you live at home with your parents, or even as a student living away from home but with the car registered at the parental home.
  • Choosing to buy a small, less powerful car usually means a lower premium.
  • Choosing an insurance provider that uses 'black box' technology or a driving app to monitor the quality of your driving. If you drive safely then the technology will record this and prove that you are eligible for a lower premium in the fullness of time.

Whatever you decide, please make absolutely sure that:

  • You have the most appropriate cover and you understand what's included, eg. third party, fire and theft or comprehensive?
  • It’s important to make sure that if you are the main driver of the car, the insurance is in your name and you’re not just a named driver, or this is called ‘fronting’. ‘Fronting’ has serious financial and legal implications. If detected, a claim could be rejected which would mean that the young driver will be treated as being uninsured and the costs could be recovered from both the driver and the policyholder. So, if you’re a student and have a car at university, make sure you’re listed as the main driver.

Insurance prices are constantly changing, and there are lots of companies out there, so it would be impossible for us to pick one to recommend to you. Plus what's important to one person, might not suit another. Instead we are including some links to some comparison sites that may help you with your online research....

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