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Here at the JCB Group we care about our customers, and we believe that you will find it important that we care about the environment too.

We want to reassure our customers of our commitment to the environment and to a sustainable future. We’ve looked at our buildings, our policies and procedures and most proudly of all, our products, to deliver a service that takes environmental issues into account. That will mean a cleaner, greener future for all of us. Here are some of the things we’re doing or working towards:

Building Refurbishments

We are continually upgrading and maintaining our buildings to create a better customer experience.

In order to improve our energy efficiency we are:

  • Installing intelligent heating and cooling systems for our showrooms, offices and workshops to make best use of energy throughout the day and night.
  • Upgrading our timer systems to halve our heated water loss and better control lighting systems both inside and outdoors. When natural lighting is sufficient, artificial light will be dimmed or switched off.
  • Replacing the type of lighting bulb we use with energy bulbs with a life expectancy of 15 years that give the same results but at considerably lower wattage.
  • Replacing our boiler systems with modern condenser systems.

We estimate that these measures will enable us to be 30-35% more energy efficient in our showrooms and 40% more energy efficient in our workshops, compared to our existing energy usage.

​Business Practices and Procedures

Although you’re probably not aware of them, behind the scenes we have an extensive suite of offices – we’re already green there too:

  • Waste Management – we sort all our office paper and cardboard waste and recycle it.
  • Sustainable procurement – we want to be sure that the companies and agencies that help us provide our service to you comply with our environmental business values. That’s why we will only source goods and services from environmentally reputable suppliers.

​Workshop Practices

Our workshops are the hub of our business, they all conform to environmental waste regulations.

  • We recycle all waste oils. In fact we are looking at systems that heat our businesses using waste oil.
  • We responsibly dispose of oil filters, fuel filters, brake fluid, antifreeze and batteries through a waste management agency.
  • We recycle all scrap metal.
  • We operate an exchange parts scheme with our manufacturers to refurbish parts, and all our packaging on parts is sent back to the manufacturer for recycling.

Proud of our Products

As a long established retailer of high quality vehicles we are proud of the products we sell:

  • All our brands are developing sustainable motoring. Without losing performance, the vehicles are more fuel efficient with lower emissions than ever before. How do they do this? Several ways –
    • Dynamic body styling to reduce air resistance
    • Development of hybrid electric and fully electric models
    • Longer gear ratios to reduce revs
    • Low rolling resistance tyres
    • Lowered sports suspension
    • Computerised visual gear change recommendation for optimum fuel consumption
    • Battery regeneration (recuperation of energy during braking)
    • Start/Stop function to switch off the engine instead of idling
    • Diesel particulate filters to reduce particulate emissions

​Customer Contact & Hospitality

We are looking at greener ways to communicate with you, our customers:

  • As part of our paper reduction policy we are using e-mail communication and SMS text messaging as our principal methods of communication alongside the telephone. We already offer SMS text reminders for workshop bookings. We utilise e-mail communication for service reminders, offers and new vehicle launches and offer Live Chat on line.
  • We have re-built our website to enable us to advertise our products and services on-line, 24/7 and to enable you to contact us more easily
  • If you would prefer to receive brochures in pdf format, please ask, it’s easily possible.
  • We’re trying to make sure all refreshments offered in our customer waiting areas will conform to the rainforest alliance mark for sustainability.
  • To reduce our dependency on plastic drinks containers we have installed new drinks machines across our showroom lounges. These machines dispense hot and cold drinks into mugs or glasses.

Future friendly

Group Director, Jonathan Bischoff says “ We’re leading the campaign within the motor industry to reduce our carbon footprint and work towards a sustainable future.

We’re working closely with our manufacturers and business agencies to do our best to be future friendly. We hope this delivers an excellent customer experience”.

Further ideas?

Do you think there is something else we could do to be greener? Contact us with your suggestions by completing the form below and win a free MOT if we are able to put it into practice.