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FREE Tyre Health Check

Driving with illegal tyres could mean a fine of £2,500 and 3 penalty points. Don't take the risk. A mere fraction of a millimetre of tread depth could mean the difference between a legal tyre and a liability. Let our Suzuki trained Technicians check your tyres free of charge.

Here is an idea of the precise measurements involved:

Tread Depth MeasurementWhat This MeansWhat You Should Do
4mm Your tyre is 62% worn Inspect monthly
3mm Your tyre is 78% worn We recommend changing it now
1.6mm Your tyre is 100% worn This is the legal minimum and should be replaced immediately

Our free tyre check will measure the tread depth and examine the walls for cracks, splits, signs of puncture or damage. We can repair or replace tyres if necessary, on the spot, at very competitive prices.

Alternatively you may wish to order tyres on line and pay on fitting via our online Tyre Shop.

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