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Vehicle Health Check at Euro CUPRA

Free Pothole Damage Check

Why you should care as much as we do about potholes!

It’s not just that they’re uncomfortable to drive over. The major problem is that they can cause damage to your car that you may not even be able to notice. Apart from a punishing blow to your tyre, hitting a pothole can put your wheels out of alignment, and may even affect your suspension and brakes. It could also dent the wheel rim. Good tyres, correct wheel alignment and balanced suspension are essential for your CUPRA’s safe performance, but aren’t things that are easy for you to check properly.

It's better to be on the safe side.

If you are not sure, why not pop in and see us for a free pothole damage health check. We'll put your vehicle on the ramp and we will give your CUPRA a thorough 28 point once-over including a check for any visual evidence of pothole damage.

Contact us to book your free Pothole Damage and Vehicle Health Check.

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